About Us

– provides solutions to our customers through a decision structured basis support for the intangibles management such as portfolio brand, customers, innovation, capital intellectual and know-how.
The intangible presence and identification promotes and holds the business benefits. Machinery and equipment has become common to all companies, not constituting differential value creation abnormal, whereas intangible promote the differentiation and value creation than the competition. The relative importance of each intangible asset is specific to each sector and distinguishes one business from another.


Our Mission

Contributing to the creation value to our customers through the administration of intangibles, promoting sustained competitive advantage.

Our Vision

Being a reference for our customers as partners in business development and strategic perspectives in the value generation through the management of intangibles.

Our Values
  • To act with honesty, ethics and integrity in all dealings;
  • Dedication to the success of our clients and people involved in the projects;
  • Having deep knowledge of the playing field;
  • Respect diversity and multiple input coming from it;
  • To promote the creation of sustainable values, founded on universal principles.

Why Choose ?

are entirely focused on quantifying and leveraging the value of intangibles. Our services include robust evaluation methodologies supported by a deep understanding of value drivers, legal aspects and specific variables relevant to corporate transactions, featuring the unique aspect of intangibles.
The evaluation of specific intangible to economic benefits of short and long term, such as acceleration of revenue stream, increase revenue, decrease risk and optimization of the structure installed while generates greater satisfaction and spontaneous statement by our customers.