Assessment, analysis, strategy and transaction relate to the value creation through the of intangibles management. A robust valuation provides a reasoned analysis of the drivers value, impacting on increasing economic result of a transaction.

Applications of our services:


The valuation of intangible assets is appropriate in situations of:

Monitoring performance
Organizations invest in branding, customer loyalty, research and development, training people and the income from these investments are not contained in the financial statements and traditional accounting, being expensed. The valuation guides investments that generate more value for decision making.
Organizational learning
Companies positioned as market leaders should be learning organizations, constituting a series of abilities and skills. The intangible valuation promotes greater information about the generation of a business value, efficiency of use of resources. Improves decision making in investments, whether they are in brands, customers, knowledge and innovation.
Specific operations
Operations in Merger & Acquisition, combination and Joint Ventures & Licensing is complex. There is extensive scientific literature pointing destruction of value in these operations. The intangibles evaluation arising a base for the fair value of a negotiation. We offering technical report in due diligence of intangibles where we have a team of lawyers, analysts and market researchers producing results fast and robust.
Public reports
Although the value of intangible assets is not recorded by the accounting it should be reported in public reports as a way to justify the investment and value creation contributing to increased corporate governance.
Guidance investment
To optimize the application of investment, financial resources are always scarce since there are more investment opportunities than available resources. Thus, the evaluation of the generating capacity of the intangible value of each specific organization guides the decision making in relation to efficiency and brand strategy, customers, innovation and intellectual capital.